Lorraine Competition

Lorraine is a tv presenter with a show on itv every week there is a morning competition often referred to as lorraine competition. The competition features a massive prize for UK residents who have to answer a very easy question. The question is easy because they want as many entrants as possible and they make money on people who enter by telephone or text message. However you can enter the lorraine competition for free if you go online. The only catch is that you need to watch the tv show in order to get the competition question. The website does not tell you the question – only the answer.

For the question, answer & link to the latest Lorraine competitions visit http://www.itvcompetitions.co.uk/lorraine-competition/

lorraine competition

Lorraine Competition – Sample Screenshot

Lorraine Competition Question

Every week on Monday morning we will be publishing the lorraine competition question. The question consists of a simple, multiple choice set of 3 answers. It is usually available on our website from about 8:30am. We will publish the question and answer every Monday morning. Currently the competition runs until 12 noon on the Friday – so you have five days to submit your entry.

Lorraine Competition Prizes

The prizes are the biggest and best offered in the UK on a weekly basis. Most of the time they are worth over £30,000 and may consist of cash, vouchers, cars, mortgage repayments, gadgets, TVs, holidays and any other expensive items you can possibly imagine.

Entering The Lorraine Competition

There are three main ways to enter the competition. All three are very easy however not all three are free! You are encouraged to enter via text message or to make a phone call. Entering this way will cost you more than £1. This is one of the ways the tv show makes its money. The show gets thousands and thousands of viewers….when sitting in front of the tv it is very easy to make a quick phone call or send a text message however we do not recommend this!

The best way to enter lorraine competition is to do it online via the itv website. Doing this will cost you nothing. Your entry is completely free and there are no catches.

Every week on Monday morning we will publish;

  • the question
  • the 3 x multiple choice answers
  • our suggested answer
  • a direct link to where you can enter the competition for free

This will make it the easiest way to enter, if you leave the tv and miss the question you can still enter online by visiting our website where the lorraine competition question and answers will be published every week.