Lorraine Competition

The Lorraine Competition offers the best UK prizes. Have you ever had to choose between a free BMW 118i sport convertible and a free BMW 318i touring? Chances are you have never been put in the position where you have had to pick between one of these two luxury cars or any two luxury cars for that matter.  Yet Lorraine Competition offer prizes like this every week! This week’s competition on Daybreak & Lorraine is going to award one lucky individual whichever car he or she chooses. The winner will be picked from the group of applicants who entered the contest by submitting their contact information and answered the special question correctly. The winner is going to have to make the choice of a lifetime while the pressure sinks in on national TV.

Lorraine Competition Always Offer The Best Prizes

This week’s extremely generous Lorraine Competition prize is following yet another extremely generous prize from last week’s contest. The prize last week was about $40,000 and an all expenses paid vacation. Daybreak airs at 6 a.m. every morning and for the winner to claim their prize they have to be watching the show when they get the phone call telling them they have won. This does make you wonder how many thousands of people set their alarms for 6 a.m. every morning when a prize is being given away. I would never wake up that early to watch a TV show but they also don’t have any shows that give away these kinds of prizes over here in the United States. And you can always catch Lorraine Competition a bit later (same competiton). If tomorrow an American version of Daybreak started airing at 6 a.m., I would be up at 5:45 to make sure I wouldn’t miss a thing. When the lucky winner gets his or her call in a week, let’s just hope they make the right decision and choose the BMW 118i sport convertible. If you miss Daybreak you can always catch the competition on Lorraine.

Lorraine Competition : Your Choice

You look at the two cars and it is pretty obvious why they chose the two that they did. One car is a flashy, fast convertible and is the type of car that you would see in a movie. The other car looks like the safest luxury car on the road. They figured that whoever wins the contest may not want to be driving a convertible around all the time or they may not want to drive a car that might be mistaken for a soccer moms car. Choosing the two cars that they chose gives the winner a choice at the best of both worlds.
With the closing date for online entries approaching (July, 28 2011) the excitement among the Daybreak competitions fans must be growing. Giving away these kinds of prizes every week is honestly inspiring. I have never come across any type of TV show or even movie promotion that on a weekly basis gives out $50,000 in prizes. It just goes to show you that no matter how good a television show is the public will always care more about a prize and the Lorraine Competition is the best.

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