Lorraine Competition

Lorraine Competition on ITV

One of the contests that always get the attention of the ITV audience is the Lorraine Competition. Lorraine is a unique program focusing on fashion, food, health, celebrity and lifestyle. The contest & big prize is the added attraction that makes the show exciting and creates an atmosphere of fun and celebration.  The £25,000 award for the biggest losers contest has awed multitudes of viewers by the sheer size of the prize money. This TV competition is about losing weight and couples are asked to lose weight within certain periods of time and the biggest losers in weight get the prize.  This is one of the highlights of the day.

lorraine competition studio

the lorraine competition studio

Lorraine Competition Prizes

Aside from online competitions typical in ITV programs, there are instant win games that the audience looks forward to in every staging of the show. In a Lorraine competition segment, the winner gets to win a brand new BMW 1181 convertible or the BMW 318i touring model. Huge prizes up to £25,000 are up for grabs and items are given out free together with gift cards, electronic gadgets, barbecue stands and many household, health and lifestyle related goodies.  Entry to the Lorraine competition are done through SMS texts or PRTS phones to be able to receive instructions on the qualifying procedure and to submit answers to the questions asked using the A, B or C multiple choice format.  The competition has definite opening and closing dates within which the audience may participate and winners are usually determined within 24 hours after the closing date of the Lorraine competition.  TV Competitions UK style is already a big hit in ITV and more people are joining the contests as prizes are becoming more winsome than ever.  A surround sound system, 55 inch TV, X box, pool table and a Juke Box are items that have been included in one of the recent prize packages given away.

The contests have great prizes, one may win expensive kitchenware, free trips to exotic places, or a free week end at Las Vegas after registering and entering the contests. For the interest of the enthusiastic viewers, ITV has published in the internet complete information on the proper use of their online facilities. This encourages order and fairness in the conduct of the Lorraine competition in view of the growing multitudes interested to enter contests with £25,000 prizes.


Entering the Lorraine Competition

In the Lorraine shows, there are interesting parts where fashion is put on focus like when the clothes that the TV presenter is wearing is mentioned; or when suggested styles for women’s accessories are described relative to dating and life relationships. In some segments, celebrities are invited to talk about themselves and many interesting topics.  Some think that the Lorraine competition show might be considered solely for women especially when a recent segment was done at company studio premises which were deliberately colored pink. Actually, men are following closely the events occurring at Lorraine competition because they get ideas on how to please the women from this program. Of all the programs shown at ITV, it is the most awaited since it is done in the morning when the interested viewers are still seated at breakfast tables, enraptured by the lovely presenters of the program.


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